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Ultra Fine Microfiber Polishing Towel (6 pack)

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6 premium 16"x 16" microfiber towels
200,000 strands in every square inch of highly refined loop-woven Microfiber.
No streaks, no lint ....ever.
Lint Free and non-abrasive.
Picks up dust and micro particles like a magnet.


Premium unmatched 70/30 polyester/polyamide weave, this tough towel will out-perform your expectations.
Super-absorbent micro fiber cleans without damaging.
Absorbs 7 Times Its Weight in applicable product.

All Purpose Ultra Fine Microfiber Towels are priced right and a great all purpose workhorse towel. Great for general cleaning, polishing, and other dirty jobs where you do not want to ruin your nice polishing towels
Great for general cleaning, polishing, drying wheels, and other jobs. that I wouldn''t want to use my Miracle Towels for. I reserve those for buffing, drying the paint, and cleaning the glass. I use the All-Purpose Towels for everything else!