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The Original California Wheel Duster

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The Original California Wheel Duster.
The California Wheel Duster is an excellent car duster designed to capture the heavier dirt that builds up on wheels. The California Wheel Duster features a forked head design that can be used to easily clean both sides of a wheel spoke at once for faster cleaning. The microfiber strings of the California Wheel Duster are looped, providing extra surface area to grab dust and dirt and holding it in better.

• MicroFibers effectively trap dust and dirt
• The "fork" easily spreads when pushed on an object for true one-handed convenience
• It "clamps" around the object to clean both sides at the same time
• Can also be used as a conventional duster on any surface
• Easily cleaned to allow repeated use time after time
• Loop string MicroFiber creates a larger and more efficient dusting surface