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Skip-Shift Eliminator (97-13 6-speed Corvette)

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Make your own decisions on gear selection with this Skip-Shift Eliminator. No more annoying first-to-fourth "skip-shift" that GM incorporated into all 6-speed Corvettes. With this piece in place, you take complete control over gear selection.
Simple Plug-In piece
Requires no additional modifications
Easy installation with instructions
Everyone with a 6-speed has experienced the terrible feeling of going from first-to-second gear and ending up in fourth. It is just plain cruel to your Corvette. Your Corvette screams for you to downshift as it bogs down to an almost stall. Stop having these gear-shifting nightmares and buy a Skip Shift Eliminator today!
*Note: This Skip-Shift Eliminator fits 6-speed Corvettes, and prevents the CAGS solenoid from engaging but a warning light will still appear when skip-shift conditions are met.