Liquid X Interior Cleaning Microfiber Towel : White w/ Silk Edges 16" x 16"

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Liquid X Interior Cleaning Microfiber Towel : White w/ Silk Edges 16" x 16"

This 2-in-1 towel is perfect for cleaning your vehicles interior as it quickly and effectively picks up any dirt and debris. The low pile side is great for removing grime and oils as the tightly woven microfibers cut through the residue. Switch over to the high pile side to polish off more delicate surfaces and for final-touch wiping. Apply Liquid X Interior Detailer to your vehicles interior and watch as you wipe away all the harmful particles from the surface with our premium quality microfiber towel.  

With 360 GSM, these towels provide exceptional softness and durability. The soft silk edges provide help to prevent scratches and swirls. Use on dashboards, steering wheels, vents, trim, carpet, floor mats or any other interior surface for a scratch & lint free finish. The light gray color highlights dust and dirt particles so you know when to flip your towel or switch to a new towel to avoid contamination of harmful debris. The soft piles of ultra-fine microfibers provide scratch free wiping on any plastic, wood, or carbon fiber surfaces. 

  • Soft silk edges prevent scratches and swirls 
  • 100% machine washable 
  • Light gray color highlights dirt and debris
  • Pair with Liquid X Interior Detail 

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