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K&N Drop In Replacement Corvette Air Filter (C4 1990 - 1996)

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Replacing your factory paper air filter with one of K&N’s Drop In Replacement Air Filters means a lifetime of performance, convenience, and cost savings for your Corvette. These washable, reusable air filters are simple to install and improve air flow while providing superior particle filtration. When the filter gets dirty, simply wash it and use K&N’s recharger kit to make it perform like new.
This filter is backed by K&N’s Million-Mile Limited Warranty, so instead of dishing out cash for disposable paper filters every few thousand miles, be kind to your Corvette and your wallet while reaping the performance benefits from K&N.
*Note: This product fits 1990 - 1996 C4 Corvettes
Great air flow to engine with excellent filtration
A lifetime of service with washable and reusable filter
Does not void vehicle warranty
Made by one of the best names in vehicle filtration systems