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Hawk HPS Brake Pads (88-96 C4 Front Pair)

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These Hawk HPS Brake Pads are just what you need for the best stopping power, period. Normal brakes are known for squeal, brake fade, and chattering while braking but Hawk Brake Pads give you consistent stops under all braking conditions. Want to know you can stop your expensive 'Vette when you need to? Hawk pads are the only pads you should consider.
The High Performance Street (HPS) Compound can provide 20-40% more stopping power over stock brakes! The unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology. These pads are what we use on our vehicles that do dual-duty as daily-drivers and weekend track warriors - you can drive them to the track and not have to swap out pads there, since they don't take any time to warm up and provide grip. They also provide exceptional grip on the street in all conditions.
If you have a street Corvette that sees any motorsports use, or even a daily driver and consider yourself a "spirited" driver, the Hawk HPS pads are the pads for you. You pay a price in terms of a bit more noise and dust, but these are the best pads your money can buy.
Easy on rotors
Low to moderate dust (depending on application)
Very quiet in most weather; quieter than cheap pads in all weather
Exceptional pad life
Unparalled stopping power and pad grip
These brake pads also go great with our Powerslot rotors. Powerslot themselves actually recommend using Hawk Performance brake pads with their rotors for the best results.