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Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads (05-13 C6 Z06/Grand Sport Rear Pads)

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Hawk's Ceramic Brake Pads are great all around brake pads. Normally brakes are known for causing dust clouds while braking, being noisy and not having adequate stopping power. These ceramic pads will alleviate all of these problems giving your Corvette great stopping power while being quiet and clean. So, instead of people hearing your 'Vette squeal to a stop and seeing rims blackened by brake dust, they'll hear the lope of your cam and see their own reflection in your chrome rims!
The Ceramic Compound brake pads will reduce brake pad and rotor wear. Also featured with these ceramic pads is a linear friction profile that will allow your ABS to operate smoother.
Increased Stopping Power
Increased Rotor Life
Extended Pad Life
Ultra Low Dust
Extremely Quiet
Stable Friction Output
These brake pads also go great with our Powerslot rotors. Powerslot themselves actually recommend using Hawk Performance brake pads with their rotors for the best results.
*Note: These Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads are sold as a rear pair and fit 2005+ C6 Z06 & 2010+ Grand Sport Corvettes