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GMS Universal Line Lock Kit (C4, C5, and C6 Corvettes)

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This GMS Line Lock Kit can be a key element in insuring a serious racer's success. In order to do well at the track, the number one thing you need is traction. In order to get traction, your tires need to be hot. In order to get your tires up to temp, you need a Line Lock Kit.
This line lock kit allows you to lock either your front or rear brakes. When you're sitting in the staging lanes, you can lock your front wheels with the flip of the switch. Spinning your wheels and warming your tires up to their optimum temperatures is not a problem with your front wheels locked.
Re-buildable nickel-plated solenoid valve
Activation switch (shifter mountable)
Arming light
Stainless steel inserts
Black chromate heat sinks
*Note: This Universal Line Lock Kit fits all Corvettes