GMS Mass Air-Flow Sensor (05-07 LS2 w/ Cold Air Tuning)

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Corvettes are powerful machines straight out of the factory, but this Mass AirFlow Sensor will bring your Corvette to a new level of performance. The Mass Airflow Sensor works by measuring the amount of air entering the engine, which in turn, allows the air intake to provide an output voltage reading that is directly proportional to the amount of air entering the engine. This airflow measurement reduces the amount of calculations required to control fuel and ignition spark advances. Ultimately, your vehicle will be able to react quicker to changes in airflow, which provides better throttle response and improves overall drivability.
Granatelli Motor Sports calibrates these Mass Air-Flow Sensors for your specific application, which optimizes performance. Each application is also dyno-tested and driven in real-world tests using sophisticated air/fuel ratio monitors, exhaust gas temperature gauges and data logging computers. The result of all the testing is optimum performance for your specific application!
Direct OEM Replacement
Dyno Proven 8-25 Horsepower Gains
Improves Performance from 2000 RPM to Red-Line
Easy Installation (Instructions shown below)
Installation Instructions
This Mass Air Flow Sensor includes Cold Air Tuning. If you now have or plan to install a high flow air intake or air filter system, you MUST have the Mass Air-Flow Sensor with Cold Air Tuning due to the increased airflow. When using the GMS mass airflow sensor with any type of cold air induction, high flow induction, or high flow air filter, your GMS mass airflow sensor must be calibrated with cold air tuning or a check engine light can occur. We do carry the same model Mass Air-Flow Sensor without Cold Air Tuning.
*Note: This Mass Air-Flow Sensor is for 2005-2007 Corvettes with LS2 Engines

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