Corvette Virticle Door Hinge Kit - Lambo Doors (05-13 C6 / C6 Z06)

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Hinges made from High Tensile Steel
Crash Tested, Safety Certified
Made in USA!
Full illustrated installation manual and wiring kit are also included.
3-dimensional adjustability Imagine a product that is an innovative way to raise your doors, along with enjoying the envy of your friends. Until now, the market has been flooded with inferior low quality, often dangerous products.
We care about both the product and the safety of our customers and have dedicated extensive engineering and safety testing, achieving the highest standards possible. Unlike simple factory door hinges, these are engineered to open the door outwards first, then securely control raising the door upwards. Special designed gas springs support the raising action so there is no need to use excess force to lift the doors. When installing, there is no need to weld or repaint the bodywork or doors. Slight modification of the interior fender is necessary - nothing that should worry you. This kit comes complete with all necessary hardware. Installation costs are not included.
Package Includes:
(2) LSD hinges pre-assembled complete with gas spring
Mounting hardware for the hinges
Cable sets for the extension of the wire harness incl. fitting material
Insulated cable connectors along with flexible insulation tape
German TÜV safety certificate
The LSD door system consists of a specific door hinge which initially opens the factory door 30 degrees outwards, like a common car door and then upwards by the support of a gas shock with minimal effort.
The door opens in 2 steps:
Step 1: Open the door outwards as usual to a maximum angle of approximately 30 degrees. Allowing comfortable access to enter and exit the vehicle.
Step 2: Lift the door after reaching the opening angle of 30 degrees. This is done with ease as the door is supported by the gas shock to an angle of approximately 40 degrees. The LSD door hinges are installed at the original mounting points of the dismantled factory hinges. A range of adjustability is built into each LSD door hinge for perfect alignment and operation. Additional features also include limits that prevent the doors from being open too far as well as avoiding contact of the rocker panel.

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