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Corvette Race Ramps Show Cribs : C5, C6, Z06, ZR1, Grand Sport

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Show Cribs are a safe, stylish, and lightweight way to raise your vehicle for display. They can cradle the tire up to 12” off of the ground or we can cut them down to meet your specifications. Show Cribs are available in two models: a full pyramid tapered on all four sides (17181289DS) or for a smaller footprint, the 17181288DS. They provide an unobstructed view underneath the car, and their tapered design lends a dramatic air to any vehicle display.

Sold as a pair
A set of four will support 6,000 pounds


  • 12" Show Crib Set - Pair 
  • 20.0" Long x 12.0" High x 12.0" Wide 
  • 12" Show Crib Pyramid Set - Pair 
  • 20.0" Long x 12.0" High x 18.0" Wide (base) x 12" Wide (top)