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Corvette Powerslot Rotors - Front Right (05-13 C6)

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Sold Individually: C6 (05-11)
NEW! Power Alloy material
NEW! Improved vane design
NEW! Black E-coated hat & vanes
Built to last
When you're braking, you need to stop - it's not optional. Get the confidence you need with the slotted design and performance alloy of Powerslot rotors. NEW! Power Alloy Construction. Now made with Powerslot's Power Alloy, this engineered compound is designed to withstand the high temperatures of heavy braking without cracking. It has a higher carbon content than other performance rotors to increase its reliability, extend the rotor's service life, and ensure quiet performance.
NEW! Black Hat & Vanes. The Powerslot Power Alloy rotors feature black e-coated non-friction surfaces (rotor hat, vanes). The result is a great-looking rotor behind open wheel designs that is also extremely rust-resistant.
Reduces Brake Fade. Heat is the primary cause of ineffective brakes due to a build up of gases in between the brake pad and the rotor. Powerslot rotors have Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor that wipes the brakes clean, sheds heat, and releases the gases. The combination of a high performance brake pads and Powerslot rotors will give you the best stopping power. And with their new, improved short slot design, the slot is perpendicular to the vane for maximum strength.
Tested, Proven Slotted Design. Powerslot rotors use a slotted design rather than drilled because it doesn't destroy the structural integrity of the rotor. Drilling rotors actually weakens them and causes stress points that are more likely to crack, which leads to brake failure.
Looks Great. Other than performance, Powerslot brake rotors also look great. If you are looking into getting a set a custom wheels, these brake rotors are a great finishing touch to complement the wheels.
Note: These Powerslot Rotors only fit C6 Corvettes (does not fit Z51 or C6 Z06). Recommended for use with Hawk Brake Pads.