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Corvette Brake Pads - Hawk Race Pads DTC70(Track Pads) : 2006-2013 Z06

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Rear Pads shown in photo. For over 15 years, Hawk Performance has dominated the racetrack by providing champions with cutting-edge friction materials. Whether you are looking to improve your braking ability during the next lapping day or looking to make your move on the final lap, Hawk has you covered with a wide array of Motorsport Compound Pads.
SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the aggressive nature of the Hawk Performance Motorsports Compound pads, they are not recommended for street use.
DTC-70 | Letter Code U |
400-1600°F; 204-871°C
High Temp & High Torque
Provides Superior Pad / Disc Wear
Excellent Torque Control
Excellent Modulation and Release Characteristics
Sports Car/GT/GS/ All Club Levels.
Designed for High Deceleration rates
Supersedes HT-15 material
Recommended Use: A higher torque version of the DTC-60, this compound is designed for vehicles with high top speeds that require repeated high deceleration rates. Can be used on the front or rear axle or combined with the DTC-60 if split friction between the front and rear axles is desired. Road race and asphalt circle track cars.