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C7 Corvette Z06 Style Reproduction Wheels (Set) : Black Chrome


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C7 Corvette Z06 Style Reproduction Wheels (Set) : PVD Black Chrome

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Cast Aluminum construction.
Meets or exceeds factory specifications.
Direct bolt on using your factory tires and utilizes the factory wheel sensors
All of our wheel packages include the following:
(2) Front Wheels
(2) Rear Wheels
(4) Center Caps
(16) Lug Nuts
(1) Lock Kit
More Details on PVD Black Chrome finish:
P.V.D. (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a new technology that combines vacuum plating with powder coating as a direct replacement for traditional chrome.
The black chrome coating is a deposition process that provides a much more uniform deposit (up to six times greater than conventional acid bath chrome in some cases) with no toxic chemicals that must be properly disposed of or recycled.
The P.V.D. finish has been tested under the most stringent automotive industry standards by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and Toyota and exceeded the requirements of traditional chrome and many paint finishes even under the harshest of weather conditions of the East Coast.
The P.V.D. Process:
Application of the finish consists of a patented three step process:
First a primer paint is applied as a base coat; next, the wheel is placed into a Physical Vapor Deposition (P.V.D.) vacuum chamber where the multi-step process is applied. Multiple layers of metals are applied to create a mirror like finish with all the quality of traditional show chrome without the use of either hexavalent or triavalent chromium that pollute the environment; and, finally, a clear coat is applied to seal and protect the finish.
The P.V.D. Warranty:
Warrants that chrome and black chrome wheels are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and intended use for a period of five (5) years or 100,000 miles from the original date of installation We will repair or replace without any charge provided wheel or wheels are returned with a copy of original sales receipt or invoice and after examination have shown the has failed under normal use and service due to defects in either materials and/or workmanship.
Items Covered Under Warranty:
Any pitting and/or peeling of the wheel surface during the warranty period; any de-lamination of the chrome and/or clear coat; any form of wheel discoloration due to ultra violet rays.
Items NOT Covered Under Warranty:
1. Wheel structural damage, curb rash, or any type of impact caused by adverse road conditions, i.e., pot holes or any type of collision. Deep cuts into wheel, however, minor scratches can be removed with a clear coat safe polish, i.e., 3M Renewsit II, without voiding the warranty.
2. Improper chemical treatment, i.e., use ONLY clear coat safe polishes and NEVER use chrome polish. Treat your wheel finish as you would the paint finish on your car.