C7 Corvette Stingray SpeedLingerie Super Bra - Nose Cover

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Fits all 2014+ Corvettes.

2014 C7 Corvette Stingray SpeedLingerie Super Bra - Nose Cover provides excellent front-end protection for the Corvette C7 Stingray.
1. Designed and manufactured for stability at high speed, secure installation, smooth fit, and movement-free performance. 2. Full coverage with a tri-layer system of materials protects against rocks, bugs, and road & track debris. 3. Indicator lights/ fog lamps/ emblems are functional and protected with 40-gauge plastic windows, leaving no exposed surfaces. 4. Center Grilles and Brake Ducts are fully functional and protected with high-speed, high-flow mesh, patterned to exactly match existing grillwork. 5. Our patent-pending license plate accommodations offer ingenious, attractive solutions for front license plate requirements.
SpeedLingerie offers a system to display the front license plate called a "Removable License Pocket" or RLP We build a separate License Pocket in matching color. It has a clear front and zipper incorporated into the top and bottom edges. Your Nose Cover is built with matching zippers at the top and bottom edges of the center duct. Your license plate slips into the Pocket. You then zip the RLP to the outside of your Nose Cover. The Benefits to you are - 1. Flexibility - The RLP can be installed or removed based on your requirements. 2. Protection - Complete coverage (zero unprotected areas) at all times. 3. Preservation - Maintain a smooth front bumper with no holes, no screws, & no brackets mounted directly to your corvette. 4. Style/Stability - The Nose Cover also is sleek and secure with no openings cut into it.

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