C7 Corvette Stingray Five1 Front Bumper Grille

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2014 C7 Corvette Stingray Five1 Front Bumper Grille
The NEW Five1 Replacement Bumper Grille for Chevrolet Stingray Adding the top-end to your front end! We are delighted to introduce our new replacement grille for the Stingray. As with all of our components this lavishly styled and thoughtfully conceptualized addition will grace both the standard Stingray and its Z51 equipped counterpart. Functioning as a replacement for the standard grille, it is a fully reversible modification that could not be simpler to install. All you need to do to complete this transformation is remove the existing stock grill and snap our C7 Five1 grille into place. If you are the lucky owner of a Z51, then our replacement grille’s funnelled brake cooling intake will augment and enhance the functioning of your brake cooling duct, adding further function to this stylish component.
Each Grille is painted in Carbon Flash Paint. The same trim color also found on other intake scoops, like hood insert, diffusor and rear quarter inlet intakes.
An ABS injected molded grill is pre-installed on the Five1 assembly, ready for installation.
You are also in control of the lighting options: LED's NOT Inlcuded.

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