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C5 Stainless Steel Slotted Taillight Covers

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Put your own personalizing mark on the signature style of your C5's iconic four taillights with the high quality, sporty look of stainless steel. It's difficult to find exterior accents to dress up your Corvette that are as high-quality as your car, but these laser-cut, slotted style taillight covers will make those lucky enough to catch a glimse of your taillights do a double take.
This unique, eye-catching, high-class accent is made of stainless steel, so its durable, reflective finish is sure to withstand the elements and look just as great in a few years as it does when first installed. Don't settle for cheap plastic imitations - only stainless is fit to make the world-class accents your world-class car deserves.
Stainless steel construction
Laser cut slotted design
4 piece kit
This product only fits 1997 - 2004 C5 & C5 Z06 Corvettes.