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C5 Stainless Steel Flame Taillight Covers

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Looking for a unique, eye-catching, high-class accent that will remind everyone that your Corvette is the hottest vehicle on the road? Combining those three criteria might seem like a tall order, but these stainless steel taillight covers with a laser cut flame pattern fit the bill perfectly.
The distinctive, signature circular design of the Corvette taillight just begs for personalization, but it's hard to find accessories that are as high-class as the car itself. Happily, these 100% stainless, laser-cut taillight covers are designed to be sporty and aggressive - and their stainless construction makes them downright classy. Don't buy cheap plastic imitations that will flake and peel - only stainless has the durability to last a lifetime.
Stainless steel construction
Laser cut flame design
4 piece kit
This product only fits 1997 - 2004 C5 & C5 Z06 Corvettes.