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2003 C5 Z06 Anniversary Edition - Bill F.

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These pictures from Bill F. sent the pictures of his classic red C5 Z06 with the fall foliage in the background are really fun to look at - especially when you get to the close up of the logo and realize this is an anniversary edition. Simply spectacular! After asking him for a few more details about the car, he wrote a little bit about the car's history for us:

"I'm the second owner of this torch red 50th Anniversary Z06.  According to the paperwork, it was purchased new from Maxie Price Chevrolet outside Atlanta. I found the for sale ad online and after a few emails back and forth with the owner, I went to Duluth, GA to see it in person.  All it took was a ten-minute test ride.  After a lengthy visit to a local Atlanta bank, I drove it back to Oak Ridge that afternoon.

Not that I have ever jumped on it on public roadways (always abide by the law, kids) but I can tell you, even with Active Handling and Traction Control on, it will break loose in second gear almost as easily as first - not by reving it up and dumping the clutch, but by simply pressing the right foot!  I'm guessing that the guys who claim to run mid to low 12s must really be practicing their launch.  With Traction Control off and rpms up, it will break loose in third at 70mph, which makes for one heck of a passing gear.

The Z06 handles just as well as it accelerates.  For all but the mildly insane, the car will easily handle curves faster than most drivers are willing to take it.  I think it looks pretty good, too.  I routinely get compliments and am often asked what year it is.  I don't think that many regular folks know the difference between the Z06 and a regular Corvette.  Having owned two other Corvettes, a 1996 coupe and a 1998 coupe, I know there is a huge difference."

We think you'll agree, after looking at the pictures, that there's a huge difference too. This is one gorgeous Z06 that is guaranteed to turn heads everywhere it goes.

The 3/4 view highlights the sleek Z06 wheels

Close Up of the Z06 Anniversary Edition Logo

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