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Corvette Wheel Cleaning Brush Super Stick

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Super-Soft Fabric will not damage wheel finish!
The shaft is made of a soft plastic that will not scratch or harm the wheel finish!
Hand made in USA!


Make cleaning your wheels Super Easy, get the Super Stick!

We would like to introduce you to the SuperStick automobile wheel cleaner. It’s simply the best wheel cleaning brush on the market to clean brake dust and road grime from your automobile wheel, without having to remove it from the car. There are 6 models, which are called the “Pro-Line”. They all work extremely well and are all made of the same high quality components.
The SuperStick is designed to be used with a cordless drill (not included). Simply insert the SuperStick into the drill, dip the SuperStick into a bucket of soapy water, apply the super-soft fabric to the wheel surface, engage the drill and allow the SuperStick’s super-soft cloth to gently scrub away any brake dust and debris, clear to the back of the wheel.
If your wheels are super dirty, you may use your favorite wheel cleaning chemicals with the SuperStick. The SuperStick will not fade or corrode when used with any brand of wheel cleaner. When you finished using it, just rinse it off in a bucket of soapy water, that’s it!
Each SuperStickk is completely hand made in the U.S.A. and is constructed of the highest quality materials.
NOTE: Drill not included.