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Corvette Torque Converter 2400RPM Pro-Torque : 1997-2004 C5

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Get ready to need new tires!
With a .6 sec improvement in the 1/4 mile and a 2.4 mph increase in the trap speed, the Pro-Torque 2400RPM Stall Speed Torque Converter is one of the most cost effective modifications available for the A4 (automatic) C5 Corvette. This translates to a 24 HP improvement at the flywheel, which is a result of the torque converter's effective ability to transfer more power to the rear wheels.
Great converter for just "Bolt On's" or Supercharged strocker motors running on the street and does not require an additional trans cooler.
This is a great upgrade from the stock 1600rpm converter.
Installation is approx. 6 hrs.