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Corvette Throttle Body GM LS2 90mm : 1997-2013

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Upgrade your 1997-2004 Corvette with a new GM LS2 throttle body. Increase horsepower and torque with this simple bolt on, includes new throttle body wiring harness.
This upgrade requires a FAST 92 mm Intake System. Also use as a factory replacement for your 2005-2007 LS2.
Those with an extra-large throttle body on their high-powered LS1or LS6 know that single-blade designs can be a little touchy, but GM says ETC helps ensure the big, 90mm throttle body provides smooth, predictable performance. It also eliminates the need for an idle air control motor, cruise control module and the "throttle relaxer" for traction control.
The LS2's throttle body is mounted to the intake manifold on a slight upward angle to reduce puddling at the bottom of the throttle body.