Corvette Billet Alternator : 1997-2001 C5 & Z06 170 or 270 Amp.

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Billet Aluminum Contruction.
Avilable In Machined Finish, Polished, Chrome, And Black Anodized.
Available in 170 Amp. or 270 Amp.


Many customers opt for the 270 amp alternator because they think it is a better unit that makes more amperage. The key to a successful alternator is the proper output curve, for how the vehicle is used.
The 170 amp unit is recommended for racing or high performance applications. If you need improved alternator output for racing accessories such as fans, intercooler pumps, aftermarket ignition, bigger fuels pumps, etc… the 170 amp is for you. For 6,000 to 8,500 RPMs or if you are using an aftermarket under drive crank pulley/balancer, we recommend the 170 amp unit. They are not compatible with Supercharged ZR1 Vettes.
The 270 amp unit is recommended for customers with large audio systems, or other large draw accessories. Because of the smaller alternator pulley, it is not recommended for use above 6,200 rpm. The 270 amp unit can be ordered with a stock diameter pulley, but if the customer’s car idles below 1,000 rpm, they may experience lower voltage when idling. The 270 amp unit is NOT recommended for use with under drive pulleys, and comes with a slightly smaller pulley. They are not compatible with Supercharged ZR1 Vettes. Currently, there are no aftermarket alternators on the market for the Corvette applications. Most of the late model Corvette distributors carry chromed remanufactured stock alternators for around $600. The C5 and C6 Corvettes, along with the 2010+ Camaro, have a unique bolt pattern, and are equipped with ugly, heavy, outdated “boat anchor” alternators from the factory.
Our billet racing units produce more amperage than the stock 110 or 145 amp GM alternators, at ALL rpms, ESPECIALLY at idle. Our units perform well at idle, even on vehicles equipped with under drive pulleys. Our alternators are manufactured in a 4 lb lighter attractive billet aluminum housing, have 1 lb less rotating mass, and use 3 less HP at full load.
Essentially, we use OEM 2010 Corvette ZR1 alternator internals, assembled in custom Billet Aluminum housing to fit the LS1, LS2, LS3 and LS6 equipped vehicles. We also equip our alternators with a custom regulator, so they can be ordered as a plug and play unit, OR “1 wire” hookup, which is popular for customers who have gone to a standalone EFI system and no longer have wiring for the plug and play alternator.
All of our units are built in the USA, with more than 85% USA sourced parts, and feature a 5 year performance guarantee.
NOTES: •Chrome and Black Anodized finishes are special order and ship in about ten days from order date. •"Clutch Pulley" or "De-Coupler", is NOT included with these alternators and is NOT required, due to decreased mass and rotating resistance.

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