C6 / C6Z06 Corvette Carbon Fiber Air Intake - Corsa

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Fits: 2006-2013 C6 Z06, 7.0L - LS7 V8
2008-2013 C6, 6.2L - LS3 V8

Power ChannelTM Technology
Exclusive Power Channel Technology efficiently directs airflow from the filter to the throttle body, streamlines airflow eliminating any calibration concerns, and helps increase throttle response.

Elite Carbon Fiber
Hand formed aerospace grade carbon fiber construction is designed for maximum strength and minimum weight. The carbon fiber integrates a thermal barrier to reduce high air temperatures.

CORSA carbon fiber intakes are manufactured using techniques normally reserved for the aerospace industry. Multiple layers of resin impregnated carbon fabric and proprietary thermal-barrier composite is vacuum bagged and baked for 4 hours in a pressurized autoclave to yield thin, yet exceptionally strong parts. Once removed from the mold, parts then receive multiple coats of UV resistant urethane clear and are polished to a high luster finish.

Maximized HP and TQ
The optimized shape and less restrictive nature of the intake over OEM will increase both HP and TQ.

CORSA Intakes allow the engine to breathe at its highest capacity permitted to allow for maximum performance. Factory air intakes are restrictive and limit performance by constraining the engine. Maximizing the take in and pump out of air per revolution, CORSA Intakes create more power.

Improve Engine Efficiency
Increases volumetric efficiency and decreases pumping losses compared to the OEM unit to improve fuel economy.

The harder an engine has to work to draw air through the intake and filter, the more gas is used. CORSA Intakes make it easier for the engine to breathe, which should result in improved mileage and many customers report an increase in their fuel economy.
NOTE: This intake is NOT CARB Approved.

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