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Corvette Tech Articles

How to Read Tire Dimension
  Reading the side of a tire can be intimidating and at times, may seem like a complex algebraic equation. These numbers and letters each serve a ...

Corvette Engine Identification
  Over the many years of the Corvette's existence it has reigned supreme as the American sports car. To keep its title trh, the Corvette has had t...

Selecting a Clutch for your Corvette
                  Picking the right clutch for your Corvette is alot like choosing the right cam for your set-up. To much or to little will negati...

Understanding How Clutches Work in your Corvette
  The clutch is an integral part for any Corvette to function, whether you have an automatic or manual transmission the clutch is what allows for ...

Corvette C4 to C6 VIN Decoder
                      Corvette C4, C5 and C6 VIN Decoder The Vehicle Identification Number was not completely established until 1981 when the numbe...

Corvette TPMS Tech Article
  With the ever growing environmental issues that are popping up many are related to automobile use and how to decrease your environmental footprin...

Corvette Wheel Tech Article
    Deciding to put a larger diameter or width tire then stock on your Corvette can run you into some unforeseen problems. These problems have to ...

Corvette Exhaust Tech Article
                    A definitive part of being a muscle or sports car is the exhaust tone that they produce. Corvettes are no exception to this ru...