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2002 C5 Torch Red Coupe - Gary L.

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Gary L. was kind enough to send us pictures of his 2002 Red C5 Coupe from Vegas, in front of the spectacular backdrop of the Alainte Golf Course. According to Gary, this spotless C5 drove across from California into the heat of the desert without a single hiccup - and since coming into his ownership, he's kept this classic red Corvette just that - classicly stock, except for the air filter.

He fills us in with a short bio of the car: "[My Corvette's] in great shape - I keep it that way. I'm the number two owner - it came from California to Vegas, in one piece. 74,000 miles and running like a charm - or should I say clock? I bought her at Desert Honda from a friend that works there. I put a little into her but nothing to the engine but the air filter that's all K&N. It makes a difference, but not that much. She is one of the prettiest cars I have ever had. My girlfriend just loves to drive it."

With a car like that, in a place that scenic - well, who wouldn't love to drive it? Though we have to agree - she's got great taste in cars. And no, we're not biased at all ....

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