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Smart Clay Block

Smart Clay Block
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The Smart Clay Block has been DISCONTINUED.
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Product Features

Quick Facts

  • Quite possible the best substitute for traditional hard to use products. Finally a alternative to detailing clay products that actually works better, easier, and more effectively. CLAYBLOCKŪ can be used on a lot more then painted surfaces, from glass to chrome and wheels CLAYBLOCKŪ is awesome.
  • CLAYBLOCKŪ-a single block can clean a full size vehicle 6-10 times, making it quite possibly the most economical paint cleaner system available on the market today.
  • 1. Wash vehicle very well to loosen surface dirt. Getting the surface as clean as possible will reduce wear on the clay bar and extend the life of your bar by reducing the amount of contaminants that need to be lifted by CLAYBLOCKŪ
  • 2. Mist a 2 x2 square foot area generously with SMARTDETAIL and spray down CLAYBLOCKŪ as well. . Hold CLAYBLOCKŪ against the surface and glide it back and forth.
  • 3. CLAYBLOCKŪ may grab the surface initially. This grabbing indicates that the CLAYBLOCKŪ is encountering contamination so keep it very well lubed with SMARTDETAIL. Continue rubbing gently until CLAYBLOCKŪ glides freely.
  • 4. Occasionally check CLAYBLOCKŪ for heavy contaminants that may be stuck onto bar, you may want to spray SMARTDETAIL onto CLAYBLOCKŪ or rinse clayblock clean under water prior to every use or if dirty.
  • 5. Using SMARTDETAIL occasionally spray surface down and Wipe each section with a micro fiber towel, this process will wipe away contaminates and reduce friction and possible marring of surface through friction.
  • 6. Once you have CLAYBLOCKŪed the Paint, YOU CAN CLAYBLOCKŪ THE WINDOWS AS WELL. Follow the same directions for windows this will reduce streaking when using your wipers and accelerate water runoff when it rains.
  • 7. Wash Vehicle again once completed, this will assure that all contaminates that were removed are safely washed off of the surface where they can no longer to hard to paint.

Product Description

Remove rough surface contaminants fast and easy with CLAYBLOCKŪ

CLAYBLOCKŪ - Faster easier and more durable then traditional clay. CLAYBLOCKŪ Safely and easily removes rail dust, tar, bugs, and paint overspray from automotive paint and glass surfaces BETTER THAN CLAY

CLAYBLOCKŪ -SURFACE CLEANER SYSTEM-. Safely and easily removes rail dust, tar, bugs, and paint overspray from automotive paint and glass surfaces BETTER THEN CLA

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