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Deluxe Custom-Fit Corvette Car Covers from CoverCraft are the most economical way of protecting your car from harsh storage conditions. These will offer even more extended protection than the Ready-Fit Covers. Along with other enhanced protections, the Deluxe Cover offers ding protection to help against things like hail. Whether indoors or outdoors, these quality car covers will protect your Corvette from dirt and dust that can seep deep into your paint. Investing in this mat is not only great for your Corvette, but great for your wallet too because it reduces cleaning costs drastically.

This cover will protect your Corvette from UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, and brutal wintry conditions that can break down clear coats and mar your carís paint and finish permanently. Each Deluxe Custom-Fit is treated with mildew and rot inhibitors and is machine washable at your local laundry mat in a commercial sized washer.

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