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Corvette C4 to C6 VIN Decoder

Corvette C4 to C6 VIN Decoder

Corvette C4, C5 and C6 VIN Decoder

Anti-Theft and Theft Recovery | Vehicle History | VIN Decoder

The Vehicle Identification Number was not completely established until 1981 when the number of automobiles being produced became overwhelming to keep track of. This 17 character long ID consists of both numbers and letters that are used like a social security number, but for a car. They can tell you exactly where the car was assembled, what year it was assembled and just about any other information about the car. The VIN can be found in two spots on the automobile, the first is on the drivers’ side of the dashboard where it meets the windshield and is easily viewed from the exterior of the car. The second spot is also located on the drivers’ side of the automobile and is on the door sill, if sitting in your Corvette open the drivers side doors and looks behind your left elbow, and is in the form of a sticker with a barcode.

Besides giving you information about your Corvettes place of birth and it is also used as a theft deterrent and as a means to check-out a used cars history.

Anti-Theft and Theft Recovery

The VIN serves as a theft deterrent because it makes any car traceable to its registered owner. Besides being located on the dash and door sill there have been new methods of hiding the VIN in the car making it even harder for thieves to switch VIN plates. One method is having your cars VIN etched into the glass of the automobile and only visible when coated in an acid revealing its identity. This is also used in identifying a stolen vehicle to notify insurance companies and owners as stolen vehicles are recovered in terrible and sometimes unrecognizable condition.

Vehicle History

Several on-line sites now offer VIN background checks when purchasing used vehicles. This allows a potential buyer to know if the car was once a lemon, stolen, involved in a serious crash, or has suffered from flood damage. It can also alert the buyer if the vehicle has failed an inspection or if the odometer has been tampered with, rolled back, or if the odometer has rolled over and returned to zero.

VIN Decoder

So, the big question is what does each of those 17 characters stand for? Well look no further below is an explanation of each of the 17 characters for your Chevrolet made Corvette.

1 Country of Origin – For U.S. models: 1, 4 or 5
2 Manufacturer – General Motors: G
3 Manufacturer Division – Chevrolet: 1
4-5 Make – Corvette: YY
6 Body Style –1: Two Door Fixed Top Coupe 2: Two Door Hatchback 3: Two Door Convertible
7 Safety Equipment – 2: Active Belts w/ Front Air Bag 4: Active Belts w/ Front & Side Air Bag
8 Motor Type – Specific to year *
9 Check Digit – 0-9
10 Model Year – Specific to Year **
11 Production plant – Bowling Green, Kentucky: 5
12-17 Production sequence – 100001 and up

Below is an example of how a 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Convertibles VIN would appear.


*Corvette Engine Code between 1984-2004
8 – L83 5.7L Crossfire Injection V8 (1982 and 1984 Only
8 – L98 5.7L Tuned Port Injection V8 (1985-1991)
J – LT5 5.7L Tuned Port Injection V8 (1990-1995)
P – LT1 5.7L Multiport Fuel Injection V8 (1992-1996)
5 – LT4 5.7L Multiport Fuel Injection V8 (1996 Only)
G – LS1 5.7L Sequential Fuel Injection V8 (1997-2004)
S – LS6 5.7L Sequential Fuel Injection V8 (2001-2004)

** Corvette Year Code Between 1984-2004
1984 E
1985 F
1986 G
1987 H
1988 J
1989 K
1990 L
1991 M
1992 N
1993 P
1994 R
1995 S
1996 T
1997 V
1998 W
1999 X
2000 Y
2001 1
2002 2
2003 3
2004 4

Author: Ryan McDonald

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