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Corvette Gift Guide

So this holiday you're buying a gift for a Corvette fan – or perhaps a fellow Corvette owner.  Whether you're a Corvette expert or not, CorvetteGuys has a wide variety of gifts and helpful advice to guide you regardless of how much information you do (or don't) have about the car owned by your giftee.

The most important piece of information to have about your giftee's car is the year. CorvetteGuys offers parts and accessories for the C6, C5, and C4 generations of Corvette, which runs from 1984 through the current model year. This includes lots of Corvette apparel and accessories - and if you know the year of your giftee's car, you can be sure you're picking the right accessory with the right generation logo (for example, if you were to buy a C4 license plate frame, the logo would be different from the one on the C5 plate frame and the C6 plate frame). And if you decide you want to purchase parts like interior accents, it's important information to ensure your gift doesn't go from "memorable" to "it's the thought that counts".

Once you have the year of the car, you can start to break things down further, if you want. The year of the car will determine what engine it has, the wheels that it is equipped with, and, of course, how the body is styled. Within each of the 3 generations (C4, C5, and C6), there are certain sub models, but don't be intimidated as they're very straightforward!

The C4 model Corvettes were made from 1984-1996. These Corvettes used a variety of engines including the L98 from 85-91, the LT1 from 92-96, and the ZR-1 model Corvettes used the LT5 engine. This might seem like a jumble of letters and numbers, but when broken down by year it is easy to identify which engine is which. This is of course assuming that you are unable to access the car, as the top of the engine is always stamped with what model of engine that it is! The main sub model for this generation is the ZR-1, which boosted power out of the engine and had an advanced suspension package. There will likely be ZR-1 badges on the car if it has this package. The C4 logo is easy to identify - it looks like a straight bar through a circle, like on this front license plate.

The C5 model Corvettes were built from 1997 to 2004. These cars all used 17” wheels in the front, and 18” wheels in the back, and there were only two models available: the base C5 and the Z06. The engine changed to the LT1 in the base model, and the LS6 in the Z06. The Z06 Corvettes had a performance and handling package much like the earlier ZR-1 models, and the easiest way to identify these cars is the exterior badges on the car (which have the "crossed flags" logo like on this front license plate) and the hollow looking 5 spoke rims. The C5 generation was significantly less angular than the previous C4 generation, making identifying these cars easy, and unlike the C6 Corvettes they have "pop-up" style headlights.

The C6 model Corvette is every Corvette built from 2005 onward, and is the newest model. Every Corvette made after 2004 is a C6, and there are only two special editions to be aware of. The base model C6 is equipped with an LS2 series engine and solid 5 spoke rims. The Z06 edition is available again with the C6 generation, and the upgrades for this edition include a larger LS7 series engine and hollow-looking 5 spoke rims. Starting in 2009, the ZR1 package was available for purchase, which gave the Corvette a much lighter body, a LS9 series engine, and rims that have a many-spoked lace pattern. It's easy to tell a C6 from a C5 because unlike the C5, they have exposed headlights. They also use a logo that looks like a "V" with no circle around it (like on this front license plate), and the "Corvette" name on the rear bumper is on the lower right hand side.

And if you either don't have enough information to make a purchase, or prefer to let the giftee decide, we always recommend our gift certificates. They come in convenient denominations from $25 to $500, so you can find the amount that fits your budget. And with our free shipping, your giftee will get to spend all your gift amount on what they want.

Buying the perfect Corvette gift this holiday boils down to just 3 simple steps:

  1. Find out what year, and if you want, what model/engine it is
  2. Go to and pick the perfect Corvette gift - or call us for assistance
  3. If you can't decide, buy your gift recipient a gift certificate and lay back and relax, knowing our free shipping means 100% of your hard-earned money goes towards what they want!

Now that you're armed with this knowledge, you can be sure that the present you buy for the Corvette owner you know will be the perfect gift this holiday season. And if you're not sure that what you're buying is correct, just call us!

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